Our trip to New Orleans last summer was by far the highlight of my year. From the farm wedding, to the walks we took through the quarter - it was way too short and further amped up my curiosity of the area. We had a wonderful time, galavanting among the street performers and checking out the unique architecture. I love the greasy streets and the decorative atmosphere. It would have been a tad more fun without the toddler in tow, but we made due - largely due to my sisters help (who had flown in from Hawaii to visit us). The main purpose of our visit was to attend my husbands best friends wedding. Two of the hippest people i know, got hitched out on an organic farm - complete with chickens, pig roast, bluegrass and fireflies. It was such a great night with some dear friends. These images were shot using my old school 35mm Minolta and Fuji and Tri-x film. I am so eager to continue using this medium and look forward to sharing some medium format soon. Most of the digital i share, will be from professional sessions. Thanks for reading!